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ColdPICK Mobile Pre-Coolers

ColdPICK  Mobile Pre-Coolers marry innovative engineering technology with efficient systems management. We draw on over 20 years of engineering experience and the latest advancements in the aerospace, automotive, and refrigeration sectors to develop top-of-the-line, quality-tested equipment that gives you greater control over your product and the cold supply chain.

Our technology makes it possible to begin postharvest pre-cooling right in the field. It’s a revolutionary step away from traditional cold chain management. By getting fresh produce out of the sun and into pre-cooling immediately after harvest, we rapidly decrease the cellular respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables. Product quality is improved, cull rates are reduced, and shelf-life is increased, all of which enhance the marketability of your produce.

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ColdPICK Mobile Pre-Coolers

Serves USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany and Netherlands

Designing and Manufacturing Cold Chain Systems for Chilling and Freezing

Post Harvest Pre-Cool

Immediate Post-Harvest Pre-Cooling at the GROW SITE for medium to high respiration fruits and vegetables is required to;

Improve Quality

Increase Shelf Life

Reduce Cull

Increase Productivity at the Warehouse 

mobile pre-coolers
post pack

Post Pack

Once the Grading and Packing is complete the cartons need to be cooled to a set temperature for shipping. 

Secondary Processing

Fresh Pack goes to market and a portion of fresh goes to secondary processing for jams, jellies, frozen retail and other end uses.  Product needs to be moved through the system to facilitate this process

vacuum cooling

Our Technology

We leverage our considerable engineering know-how to develop products that deliver gains in efficiency and quality. Read more about our innovations.

Industry Segments

ColdPICK The Green Living Mobile Pre-coolers improve operations for growers, marketers, and logistics companies. Learn about our work across the agricultural sector.

The ColdPICK Chain

We have streamlined cold chain supply management, improving product quality and marketability. See how the ColdPICK chain compares to traditional methods.