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Kimberly Walker

My background has been primarily in packaging design and sales in Vermont and most recently Florida.  During my tenure in sales I have always looked to differentiate my packaging knowledge with supporting material handling systems geared to reduce labor and energy costs.

I have been involved in the Green Living Company (GLC) for 12 years as a sales representative and customer service manager.  Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Post-Harvest Pre-Cooling has been my focus.  .  My contacts include growers and secondary processors in the berry and vegetable markets throughout North America. I am now an officer, at  GLC.

I have been assigned responsibility as Project Manager for Material Handling in the Cold Chain for Cannabis Products.  My knowledge of this market has been ‘cultivated’ over the last decade. I have brought forward ‘innovative’ freezing systems through a manufacturing company in WA State and am in the process, of launching the Fresh Frozen Portable Freezers for Cannabis Frozen Flower and Hemp products from 100 LB to 1,000 LB / Day.

GLC will be a Premium Supplier of material handling systems to this ‘Rapidly’ Growing Cannabis Market.


Gregory Smith

With four decades of experience in sales and marketing, Gregory leads ColdPICK’s sales and business development activities. A specialist in material handling and packaging, he works with growers, marketers, logistics companies and service providers to explore how ColdPICK technology can improve their business.

(Partner, Vice President of Sales and Business Development)

ColdPick The Green Living System Is Revolutionizing The Way That The Fresh Produce Cold Supply Chain Operates.

Our mobile pre-coolers bring rapid cooling technology directly to the grow site, making immediate postharvest pre-cooling a reality.

Our mission is to provide innovative, easy-to-use mobile pre-cooling solutions to the fresh harvest agricultural industry. We work with growers, marketers, and logistics operators to ensure our pre-coolers meet the unique requirements of any given crop. We strive not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients. In anticipating their present and future needs, we help drive their success as well as our own.

Above all, we value quality. At our 18,000-square-foot facility, we design and build our coolers to the highest engineering and materials standards. We use the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques, drawing from the aerospace, automotive, and refrigeration sectors to ensure our units are cutting edge and future proof. The result is a more efficient approach to temperature management that lowers cull rates, improves product quality, and increases shelf life.

ColdPick Crew At Work
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Designing and Manufacturing Cold Chain Systems for Chilling and Freezing

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