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The Fresh Flower market has moved quickly to the Frozen Fresh Flower market for the Extractors in support of the secondary processing of the Flower. Our backgrounds at Highland Refrigeration and the Green Living Company are steeped in Freezing (meat, poultry, and seafood) and Cooling of Fruits and Vegetables for Post-Harvest Pre-Cooling at the Grow Site ( and the Packing House. 

The Green Living Company, Inc. is designing and manufacturing freezing systems to lower costs and increase productivity in the Hemp and Frozen Fresh Flower market. 

Frozen Fresh Flower market

Highland Refrigeration Blast Freezer System Blast Freezer

Blast Freezer is designed to meet the requirements of the End User Internal L X W X D Temperature i.e. 50 Mobility Freezing. 


Flower to Cooling to Deep Freezer and Freeze Chamber

Individual QFM

Unit Weight: 274 lbs.
Motor: 480V / 3 Phase /
60 Hz / EC Motor
Width: 36” Maximum beam to beam height: 100” Minimum beam to
beam height: 66” Maximum Pallet Height: 94” Minimum Pallet Height: 40″

The Cold Chain Infrastructure relative to
Produce Handling from the Pack Line to the
Cold Chain Forced Air Pallet Coolers (Enclosed
Tunnel and Tarp Cover) has not changed in
Multiple Decades.

The Current Systems:

1. Energy Inefficient
2. Labor Intensive
3. Less Productive
4. Large Carbon Footprint

The QFM compares; energy efficient (30%),
requires minimal labor (50%), greater
productivity (LB / Hour), low carbon footprint
(cold chain floor space 60%

QFM is Stacked in Maximize Cold Chain Floor Space Unit Weight:

QFM Cold chain freezer point

Sled Mounted Portable Vacuum Cooling System Vacuum

Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum Chamber

Trim Sled Vacuum Chamber
(1300mm x 1400mm x 2300mm) x 2

Mounted Power Component

Mounted Power Component

•Busch R5 302 or Leybold SV 300 vacuum pump per system,
prepared for 2 nd pump
•v Power requirements: 9 kW (460 480 V | 60 Hz) per pump
•Aermec NRL028Y**A: (14 kW at 460 480 V/60 Hz)
•25 kW | 39 A | 63 A fuse (60 Hz UL)

Portable vacuum cooling system

Portable Vacuum Cooling Systems for TEST vary in size Single Pallet Chamber (pictured)
The Mobile System below is designed for Multiple Totes per Chamber Vacuum

Portable vacuum cooling system!

Premier Tech Chronos

Premier Tech Chronos is an integrated supplier of Robotic Case Packing, Robotic and Conventional Palletizing / Depalletizing. Conveying and Sorting for fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products.

Frozen Fresh Flower market
The Green Living Company, Inc

New Fresh Paradigm designs the processing steps to provide the highest Fresh Flower to secondary processors of CBD,  et. al.