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ColdPick M1

The ColdPICK M1 is a highly mobile postharvest pre-cooler designed for placement in field next to a picking crew. A standard 20-person picking crew typically picks one stack every 10-15 minutes. The speed and efficiency of the ColdPICK M1 enables stacks to be continuously loaded and moved through the system as they are picked.

The ColdPICK M1 processes 1,000 lbs/hour (roughly one pallet). Multiple ColdPICK M1s can be cross-docked to accommodate larger harvest operations so that several picking crews can work alongside each other.

How It Works

  1. Produce is picked and packaged by the picking crew and loaded into flats or lugs.
  2. The stacks of flats or lugs are manually placed on the loading conveyor.
  3. The stacks are pushed into the chilling chamber for pre-cooling, making way for the next stacks to be loaded.
  4. Chilled stacks are discharged as new stacks are introduced to the chilling chamber.
  5. The stacks are transferred to a reefer truck where they are assembled onto a pallet.
  6. Once full, the refrigerated truck ships produce to the customer or distribution center.
ColdPick M1

Best Suited For

Fields Using Scheduled Route System Pick-Ups.
Operations That Regularly Change Harvest Locations During Or Between Seasons, Whether On-Site (At Large Farms) Or Between Sites. 
(Ex: From California In The Summer To The Baja Peninsula In The Fall)

Key Features

Trailer Mounted For Easy Site-To-Site Transport.
Adaptive Refrigeration System.
ColdPICK Air Circulation System.


Length50 feet (15 meters)
Width9 feet (2.8 meters)
Height (off trailer)20 feet (6 meters)
Chilling Capacity@32°F6,000 lbs/hour (2,722 kgs/hour)
Load Capacity10,000 lbs/hour (4,536 kgs/hour)
Pallet Capacity10
Air Temperature30°F (-1°C)
No. of Fans12-15
Voltage460-480 VAC 60 Hz, 3 phase
Genset Power350 kW
Evaporator60TR, 28°F (-2.22°C)


Purchasing Options

ColdPick The Green Living mobile pre-coolers are accessible to clients across the fresh produce agricultural industry. 
Units can be purchased directly, with prices dependent on the size and number of units required.  We also work with leasing partners in order to enable our clients to rent-to-buy or rent seasonally.

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