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ColdPick Cross Dock

The ColdPICK Cross Dock is an add-on cold chamber docking system. Cross Docks can be used to link multiple ColdPICK M1 or ColdPICK M6 units together to increase the capacity of pre-cooling operations on site.

Cross Docks are connected to the loading and discharge areas as needed to provide adequate docking with refrigerated trucks or distribution centers. The expanded loading and discharge areas also create a larger working space, which enables multiple crews to work efficiently alongside the same unit.

Cross Docks are fully insulated, ensuring that the cold supply chain remains intact and that fresh produce is not exposed to any variations in temperature when being moved from the pre-coolers to refrigerated trucks for transport.

Purchasing Options

ColdPICK mobile pre-coolers are accessible to clients across the fresh produce agricultural industry. Units can be purchased directly, with prices dependent on the size and number of units required.
We also work with leasing partners in order to enable our clients to rent-to-buy or rent seasonally.

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